Worship Cocoon
(Acoustic Version)
Lyrics and Music through Daniel Keith Amerine


Verse 1:
When God’s got you in His Worship Cocoon
Don’t be tryin’ to get out too soon
Stay where you are
Rest in His Grace
Building up your faith
He’s preparing you to fly

Oh, you will soar
Oh, you will roar
With the Lion of Judah in the skies
Please don’t despise these days that may seem
Like small beginnings
He has called you to soar!
He has called you to roar!

Lyrics and Music through Daniel Keith Amerine
Copyright © 2018 I’m Not Mine Music / BMI
Recorded ℗ 2022 I’m Not Mine Music, LLC
CCLI Song Number 7128691

Worship Cocoon (Acoustic Version)
Sheet Music (SAT + Piano) Key of E

3 responses to “Worship Cocoon (Acoustic Version)”

  1. Ximena Ordonez says:

    This song has ministered to my heart, especially when it compares my time in intimacy with God with being in a cocoon. I don’t want to to leave my cocoon and at the same time I found myself flying free as an eagle in my cocoon!

    __Ximena Ordonez

  2. Everett Schulte says:

    This is well written. It’s almost as if you have the Holy Spirit in you, who leads us into all truth! 😱

    Haha, you know this song has always impacted me deeply ever since you shared it with me.

    The deeds in Christ are eternal. 😉

    I love you my dear brother!

    __Everett Schulte

  3. Ruth Ketcham says:

    The first time I heard this I cried. I was in a time of transition and it really spoke to my heart. Every time I’ve heard it since the first my heart is stirred for more. Thank you Dan, for allowing God to use you in such a beautiful way.

    __Ruth Ketcham

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